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Fig the Grendel would like to welcome you to this page, devoted to Creatures, the artificial life game from Cyberlife. Here the dedicated norn-keeper will find a growing range of useful items lovingly hand-crafted to the highest possible standards. Also provided is a selection of the finest links available on the World Wide Web, for your increased surfing pleasure.

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Available for download are a selection of COBs (Creatures OBjects) in .zip file format for use with the game Creatures. Instructions on how to install them are given by text files in each .zip.

Please note that I do not provide norns for download, as none of my norns have yet displayed sufficiently noteworthy characteristics, and web space is precious. This situation may well change at some point, but not right now.

Also provided are a number of handy links to various other Creatures-related websites.

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This site supports C1!

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No norns were harmed in the creation of this web page. Not permanently, anyway.

About the Grendel: Fig is a multi-talented and highly-trained stuntGrendel who assists in the development of quality COBs. Don't worry, he doesn't get hurt during these tests, in fact he loves them (especially the food and alcohol COBs), and besides, he's more obedient than most Norns. In between his assistant work he wanders Albia, and has circumnavigated the map several times.

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